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Bill and I had different ideas of where to stay in Nashville. I wanted to get there and then figure out where to stay. Bill wanted to check out Franklin, TN which is in the top 100 cities to live. He was driving, so he got to choose.

After bunkering down for the night in a grocery parking lot, we woke to more - YES THAT'S RIGHT - Heat and humidity!

We toured their downtown area which is strikingly similar to Orange, CA, and took a walking tour of the civil war history.

Love the south, but manthey were not always too bright in this war. I guess they thought David could take on Goliath and win. In this case, and what I learned during the tour, the battle at Franklin was the only battle to take place at night (my guess is because it was too hot during the day) and there was a lot of hand to hand combat. And the south lost :-)

So, this area is just too hot for me and the people are not nearly as friendly assome other areas. I have already picked up a southern accent and say ya'all way to much.

Can't wait to see Nashville.

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