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Richardson's Ground Squirrels are all over the campground. These two have their...

Beautiful view from the first overlook

A herd of Elk down in the valley

Elk herd in the valley

Henry and Blondie doing some rock climbing

This Elk entertained us playing in the water at Sheep Lakes

He's having fun

He is proud of himself

Here he is with another Elk

Three Bull Elks enjoying the sunshine

Another herd

A pretty stream on the road to one of the campgrounds

We finally found some Bighorn Sheep!

Sheep on the mountainside on the way to Endovalley Picnic Area

Bighorn sheep

Bighorn sheep

View from the picnic area

Beth on the trail to Alluvial Fan

Kids enjoyed climbing around on the rocks at the waterfall

Alluvial Fan

Alluvial Fan

How do the trees grow in these rocks?

Henry at Alluvial Fan

View from the trail

Ponderosa Pines

The view from the trail is spectacular

Henry and Blondie at the dog park

Sunset at the campground

Beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day

We spent another beautiful day in Rocky Mountain National Park. The clouds finally lifted and we had plenty of sunshine. It finally warmed up enough that we were able to go out with long sleeve shirts and leave the sweatshirts inside!

We drove on the Fall River Road in hopes of seeing Big Horn Sheep. Again we saw Elk in several places. There was a large herd at Sheep Lakes. Beside Sheep Lakes is a sign on the road to watch for Big Horn Sheep Crossing. No sheep there but we enjoyed watching the Elk. Most of the Elk here were Bull Elk with bigger antlers than the ones we saw yesterday. There was one young one who entertained us by splashing in the water and prancing around, We drove down a little side road to a picnic area and had to stop because there were a few Big Horn Sheep coming down the mountain next to the road. We had a nice picnic beside a mountain stream and the sheep were still there when we left. We stopped to take a short hike to Alluvial Fan, a pretty waterfall.

After enjoying the park we went to the town of Estes Park to get diesel - $4.099 per gallon - and took Blondie to the dog park. She loved being able to run after being on a leash for so long.

Back at the campground we could finally see the mountains all around us. They had been covered with clouds since we got here. We also saw some Elk just outside the campground.

A perfect day!

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