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Carpe Diem at Apple Isle Resort, S. Hero, VT
That is an arm...

US 2 through western Maine and New Hampshire

Another vista along US 2 in western Maine

We entered Vermont at the Connecticut River
This is the forty-sixth state we've...

We passed considerable flooding and flood damaged areas

Lake champlain's high waters make a damp RV site

We visited the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

Bob visits with his new "big friend"

Not to be outdone, Sandi also finds a new friend
Believe it or...

Vermont Teddy Bear maintains a hospital for sick bears

VTB "patient" on honey IV awaits care

Fri, 03 June: A long day on the road, 345 miles from the Atlantic at Bar Harbor, Maine to the shores of Lake Champlain in western Vermont. The majority of our journey was on US 2, a (mostly) fine road that did slow us down as it wound through many small towns (each trying to set the record for the slowest speed limit). We also encountered numerous delays due to road construction. Much of the construction was to repair damage caused by flooding and/or flood induced slides.

We also used I 395, I 95, US 3, ME 302, I 93, I 89, and finally US 2. We broke for lunch at the Wal Mart in Mexico, ME, but other than that we plugged along. We enjoyed the slower pace of the non-Interstates, but they do require more attention due to their narrower roadways and numerous intersections and sometimes tight turns in cities and towns.

We arrived at Apple Valley Resort on South Hero Island (north of Burlington) about 1740. This is a very pricey place, but thanks to our Passport America membership we got two nites for the price of one. We're on a grassy site with water and electric only. There are a large number of young men tenting nearby that got pretty rowdy (alcohol + testosterone) last evening, but they did quiet down by the 2300 start of quiet time. For some reason they seemed pretty subdued this morning...

Sat, 04 June: Vermont is famous for its quaint little businesses. Some locally grown firms have become national icons. One, in particular, immediately comes to our minds when we think of Vermont—Vermont Teddy Bear Factory (betcha you were thinking of those "lib" ice creamers).

This morning we drove to Shelbourne, south of Burlington to visit the font of so many famous Teddy Bears. Of course we had to take the factory tour (even though, on Saturday, there is no production). VTB makes a thousand bears a day, and it pretty interesting to see how they do it. And, to show how seriously we take our pledge not to add weight to our coach we did not buy any bears or bear paraphernalia.

One of the more interesting areas is their "Teddy Bear Hospital", where they make good on their lifetime guarantee. Some pretty beat up bears have been restored at that facility. Those bears have a better health plan than we.

After VTB we stopped at Costco for an "off the diet" lunch and some overdue stocking up. Our last Costco "fix" was in New Jersey, so there were some voids in our larder. After stopping back at the coach to store our purchases we continued north on US 2 to see some of the Lake Champlain Islands. It was a lovely drive that took us to the Quebec border.

Tomorrow we'll hit the road for New York State and points south.

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