or should that be the shopping malls and the shanty towns...here in San Salvador...it seems you can have 250 shop malls and another smaller one 60-70 shops next door to one another with an 8 cinepolis cinema ...El Salvador is $USD 150 a week....but a third of the population lives well below that..in poverty....a monument reads "the greatest gift a man can have is a the right to a free vote..." while nearby down the median strip of a major thoroughfare is a pop art installation of 6 huge coke bottles painted in garish colours...the current here is the $US dollar...but the current leftist government has promised in its election manifesto to bring back El Salvador's own currency the colones...some 22 people were killed here last weekend and 34 during the whole week.....yet i bought 2 lbs or 850 grams of bananas for 45c cans of fruit nectar are about 40c 330-350ml...buses in town are 25-40c though i have yet to catch one.

Smaller minivans charge a little more but can be filled to Guinness breaking levels one i saw today had 4 guys hanging on the outside...in these days of email my visit to a post office saw the staff outnumber the clients (only myself!) by 2 to 1...everyone has a mobile phone in Honduras and here as well...i wondered why i had not seen a public phone on the street or even in a shopping centre...i did on my way out of Honduras by the side of a busy road.. it had been vandalized...today i saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4 for $USD2.25 but not in 3D Wednesday is half price movie day..one cinema was charging only $1 today! 3D films cost more $USD 5-6.50.....

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