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Banged back breakfast with a relaxed atmosphere around the camp due to there only being an afternoon training session. Normally people are busying themselves getting ready and in the mood for morning training.

We had plans for the gym but they were immediately scuppered by 'boss man' Pingi telling us the exciting news that we were visiting an orphanage.

All Aboard

We took our first bus ride which was an experience to say the least! We tried waving down buses, which was a massive fail, on our way to the bus depot. Once there the place was a hive of activity. People were selling all sorts; (no, not liquorice) drinks, fruits, CDs, clothes, cakes to name a few things and not being shy in coming forward.

We managed to get the front seats which was a little slice of luxury compared to the treacherously over crowded conditions in the back. On our way to the orphanage the bus driver was on a mission and didn't stop for anyone. By the way when I mention bus don't be envisaging red double deckers or bendy buses. The buses in Mozambique are more like battered war torn Hyundai mini vans or people carriers. A common sight on them is rusting, strands of rope holding down boots and remnants of bullet holes in windscreens probably from the civil war.

We arrived at the orphanage far too late for our session because Pingi had hurriedly arranged it without notifying us until the last minute. This is typical of the time keeping in Africa in general and you just have to go with the flow. We rearranged another time to coach the kids because when we arrived there was none there! The reason being apparently the orphanage couldn't afford food for the kids so they had gone out to get some.

Before we caught the bus back we had a tour of the rabbit hut and pig pens they had. I bet the kids loved it because I know we did. It was like being back on Godstone farm when I was a kid except in slightly more exotic conditions.... only slightly.

We got back in time for lunch and had a siesta before the slog that is afternoon training.

It was another fitness session which I quite like and after the warm up we completed 5 sets of 5 laps of the training field at 75% pace.

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