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We are born-again low level humidity persons. Consequently, current humidity levels have ravaged beauty routines and congenial personalities. In other words, we're about to act irrationally by liquidating retirement funds and moving our families to the more arid side of the US!!!!! Yes, we've gone daft!! The suffering of humidity levels and respiratory allergies NEVER experienced before are quite unpleasant. Thank you for indulging us. Just send an iron lung!

Next item-we are sitting, waiting patiently for refrigerator parts to be shipped. Using a cooler while this beautiful coach sports a side by side refrigerator freezer is a bit of a pain. So you see, our 90% of the time ideal life is not so perfect these last eight days.

Once we get the word, we'll move to St. Louis for the factory repair. In the meantime, our senses have been reawakened to the sounds of birds chirping, to the color green-trees, fields, flowers, and yes, even the desert clay pot our traveling cactus lives in. I can't say when we last saw so many hawks-beautiful birds they are!

Our taste buds were delighted by a local, traveling baker. The homemade wheat berry loaf was delicious as toast or sandwiches. It reminded us of the times Washington Nancy brought over warm bread:)

Remaining eternally positive is my job. Hopefully, positioning ourselves close to the repair service center will be a good omen! The refrigerator repair will include correction of a design flaw that causes the cooling unit to overheat. Keep your fingers crossed this will resolve the issue. The warranty specialist, Al McGuire of Dometic, has given us excellent customer service!! Thank you, AL.

As soon as we left California, gas and diesel prices gradually descended a few cents at a time. Currently, they are $3.69/gal & $3.79/gal. We fully anticipate their increase as the East comes into sight. Here is a global, non-substantiated opinion-the extremes of this country seem to take place in the extreme areas of both coasts. Try to figure out that statement-it applies to most any subject one can think of:)

Will remain in touch as information and/or fun becomes available:):) The "arches" are upon us.

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