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Our Christmas Mouse

Joe Peterson, Escapees #1, passed away yesterday. He and his sweet wife, Kay, started the Escapees RV Club. His influence on RVers and the RV Industry will be felt forever. A week or so ago, Bob Bear, Escapees #42, died. I can see those two guys swapping stories and telling lies and solving the ills of the world. We will miss them both and pray for their wonderful wives and families.

We have Taz again. Linda is staying at the Rehab hospital in Phoenix with Ron while he gets use to his new leg. Taz is being a good boy – we just are not used to having a dog.

Monday we went to Quartzsite to pick up the dog food that Linda had ordered from the vet. As long as we were that far, we decided to go on to Blythe and pick up some things for the motorhome and some groceries.

I picked up a drawer divider that was stocked with 24 kitchen utensils. I got everything from pancake turners to bag clips. I think it was much cheaper than buying them individually and certainly a lot easier. I also got some storage containers and a lot of canned goods.

Monday night, Ron didn’t feel well. I think he had a reaction to the new osteoporosis meds. He had a similar reaction when we tried them on the way home last fall – so we waited a while to try them again. He won’t be taking those any more!!

Tuesday was our SKP luncheon. Alice made the cutest little mouse candies, so I had to share them with you. He starts out as a Hershey’s Kiss. Then you dip a maraschino cherry with a stem in melted chocolate, add two slivers of almonds for ears and sit him on half an Oreo Cookie as a base. Add some frosting eyes and nose and he is ready.

Wednesday I volunteered at the library – and the rest of the time we kinda hibernated. It is cold and rainy here thanks to the rain in CA. Taz has found his favorite place – in front of the heater!! And that’s where we are staying, too.

I made a pot of bean soup from the beans I picked up in Amish country last fall. I bought some smoked pork hocks instead of ham and they did give a good flavor. We had that last night and I have enough for 4 more meals in the freezer.

We hope you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas.

So that is the way our week has gone. Life is good. Enjoy!!

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