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Dad's at home birthday dinner

Dad walking through town

26th of October

Today was Dad's birthday. We didn't do much so we decided to cook up a roast dinner with apple crumble for dessert, just to makes Dad's birthday a little special. The dinner was delicious. We then gave him his presents. A Quicksilver T-shirt from Hossegor and a Christmas tree decoration to remind us of where we are spending Christmas in 2010.

27th of October

This highlight today was going to a drinks/party dinner at Jenny and Alastair Barr's house to introduce our family to people in the Gers (the region where we are staying). We had a pretty relaxing day. We did some exercise in the morning then chilled for the rest of the day watching movies and playing ping pong outside. We got in the car all dressed up and went to Al and Jen's house where all different people from around the area have come to welcome us into the neighbourhood. The whole night we ate snacks and drank coke while playing Playstation 3. At the end of the night we had a BB gun war. I got hit right on the neck. The night was awesome. We got home around midnight and went straight to bed.

28th of October

Today Dad was up early to return the car we had hired temporarily, while our original car was being repaired. This was timely as our replacement car also had a problem - this time the dashboard stopped working. So for a couple of days we didn't know how fast we were going or how much diesel we had in the tank. Dad came home with our original car and Mum had to drive him straight to Al and Jen's house so he could go golfing. While Mum was out we kids had breakfast and watched a movie. When Mum got home she tossed us all outside to play. We played on the swing and played some ping pong. Then Harry and I started preparing the wood for the fireplace, while Ruby fed the cats. Once done, we went back to Al and Jen's house to pick up Dad. After getting Dad, we went into Mauvezin to explore the town. There wasn't much to see. We walked around the town square (centre ville) then went to the supermarket to buy food for dinner. We went with roast chicken legs with spuds. Harry, Ruby and I got small BB guns to shoot each other with. They were a bit dodgy but we didn't care. We played around til Mum had finished making the dinner. Then we ate. We watched the rest of our movie then went straight to bed.

I'm liking all the emails being sent out. Thanks. We are doing well in our new house and town.



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