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cliff houses of Veliko Tarnovo

steep hills of Veliko Tarnovo

hotel in Veliko Tarnovo

fortress ruins

theater in ruins

modern church murals

typical pottery

folk dancer with welcome bread

Bulgarian bagpiper

folk dancing group

The town of Veliko Tarnovo is built on three steep hills along the winding Yantra river, which forms peninsulas in the bends of the river around the hills. It's a nice sized town, with a university and the ruins of a fortress from the first Bulgarian kingdom. Our hotel is a small, family run place covered in flower boxes and overlooking the old town and river on one side, and a big, run-down communist era hotel on the other. Today we had a morning walking tour of the historic core of the city, which included climbing up into the fortress ruins and visiting a rebuilt church, whose interior was painted during communist times. It has a very different look and feel than other churches we've seen so far; rather somber stark. People either love it or hate it and I'm not sure which group I fall into. It's very well done and different, which I like, but I cant say I really "love" it as it was bit depressing.

The weather has been perfect, and everyone on the tour seems to like this town a lot. We had the afternoon free to just wander through town. I went to lunch with Lyuba and we ate way too much again. Tonight we are going to a folk concert, then back to Sofia in the morning for one last night before going home early on Wednesday. I have to say I am ready to come home.

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