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for my daughter who's afraid we'll be eaten by the bears!!!

2-story building on end was a hotel, started by Donald Trump's grandfather!

on our way to Skagway

the old bridge

down, down, down we go


we were here


In Carcross - sign says to use dock at your own risk!

These rapids are very wicked - no one has ever successfully gone...

In Skagway

Every one takes a photo of this building - covered in sticks!...

Snow plow used to keep the RR tracks clear!

Road back to Skagway

Monday - Day 11

Today was really different – we didn’t even move the motor home! A Grayline Bus picked us up at the campground at 8:30 A (MT). We traveled to Carcross, Yukon, where we had a few minutes to walk around this historic city. Most of the buildings there are over 100 yrs old – including 2 small churches which are still in use today; a store that is made up of 2 buildings connected – the 2-story former hotel was run by Donald Trump’s grandfather! There is much more to this little town, but I will update later.

The bus than took us on a beautiful ride to the town of Fraser, BC where we transferred to the White Pass & Yukon Railroad. From the train we experienced unbelievable views of lakes, mountains, waterfall & glaciers. I spent most of the time on the platform in front of our rail car, it was very cold – there was still some snow on the ground at our altitude. But the views were priceless. . . I just wish the photos could capture how amazing they were!

In Skagway we had about 2½ hrs to explore the town before boarding the bus again for the ride back to Whitehorse. We had a sunny, mostly warm, amazing day – Skagway wasn’t very busy (only 2 cruise ships in port). Our bus driver said that we really picked the right day – it’s been pretty rainy & overcast, so the perfect day was special, but tomorrow there will be 4 cruise ships docking – w/thousands of people crowding the streets.

We had a quick dinner of leftovers, relaxed a bit & Ron went to bed about 10 o’clock! That isn’t like him at all. It’s almost midnight mountain time (here); or almost 3 am Midland time – it is still fairly light out – like a very overcast day at home! I have a hard time adjusting to all the different time changes – just try to go w/the flow! Today we were in Yukon, British Columbia & the US – each on a different time zone – then back again before 6 pm!

So, I am going to try to get this posted – the photos are very difficult as they take a very long time & usually don’t finish loading. Very frustrating, but it will get right eventually.

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