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At the camera store

The roads are very good

Beautiful countryside

Sheep graze on the hillside

Lunch at a small "pub"

Dinner at JJ in Knysna

Best beef ever!

Anne & Justin (the restaurant owner)

View from our room

It looks like Venice

South Africa Garden Tour Thursday

After a sleepless night of selecting the components to replace some of the camera equipment that was stolen, Tom was ready to go to a nearby camera shop. It took about an hour to get a new Canon 5D Mark II and lens, plus a telephoto and close-up kit.

We did a lot of driving today to get us to Knysna where the "Garden Tour" begins. There are no gardens on this tour and Gary did not know where the name came from. The countryside is very beautiful and there are some stretches where sheep graze on the hills. We had lunch at a small pub-like establishment and arrived around 6PM. We had accommodations at "Quay West Apartments" which is right on the water with lots of shops in a sprawling complex.

Dinner was at JJ's and the host, Justin was very friendly. The steak was the most tender cut of meat Tom had ever tasted. We are also enjoying South Africa wines that are good tasting and consistent. Tom slept better knowing the new camera equipment was ready for him to use.

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