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the Indianapolis Museum of Art

a grand building for a fine collection



and as the sign says - everything is free (well almost everything)

an installation piece in the lobby

the lower level service area

the cafe is everything they say it is - and more

you want to buy at least one of everything they sell

there is even a Design Center

first of the three viewing levels

life imitates art


not Picasso - (not Seurat either)





Dufy again

Matisse - the only artist Picasso would admit that he admired



de Chirico

many works had hints on appreciating art - as well as the...

some of the European decorative art pieces

must have been fun firing this one!


more detail

these are dated - but it is a museum



detail of the inlay

this classic stained glass window was in stark contrast to what came...


Weegee the 'Famous'

a tough, resourceful New York photographer of great talent and humanity

worth reading

his photos were gritty scenes of life on the streets and in...

one of New York's dance halls

compelling images of ordinary people

Weegee also experimented with distortion lenses - here is an interesting view...

he photographed many celebrities - this is Picasso

then with one of his distortion lenses he turns Picasso into one...

another abrupt change of pace - Cezanne


van Gogh




a pointellist portrait by Georges Lemmen

a pointillest cityscape of great vibrance

didn't get the artist but liked the image



remember Vulcan from Birmingham? - well here he is catching his wife...

Turner - the master of masters



a lot of the art of the day had to do with...

and the woman was supposed to pretend that she didn't want to...

and sometimes they really didn't want to go

imagining themselves to look like this . .

. . and knowing getting carried off they'd end up looking like...

not sure what's going on here but it's interesting

and check out the colors in this painting of Moses being found...

there is a fine exhibit on the pigments used to mix the...

colors used to illuminate these religious panels

a more somber tone

this guy looks like he strongly disapproves of color

and pity man or god who tries to carry this woman off!

a bust of President Benjamin Harrison whom we visited the day before...

this gorgeous Tiffany window was commissioned by his second wife Mary on...

Mary was his daughter's age and he married her after his first...

Indiana had a Regionalist movement too and these four artist members are...

James M. Whistler painted other subjects besides his mother

Thayer painted this portrait of his 15 year old daughter's friend then...

a Sargent portrait of poet James Whitcomb Riley - a friend and...

this piece is in a room where the museum examines how we...

Thomas Hart Benton whose home and studio we visited in Kansas City...

an unusual painting by Edward Hopper

women looking sultry

while this woman in the next painting is "Tidying up" her lipstick

a beautiful portrait by Robert Henri

another woman being 'carried off' by a god who turned himself into...

escalators to the second and third viewing levels

the third level is contemporary art and I took this picture before...

so it was back down the escalator to the second level

the second level is mostly Asian and African art


the Asian art was beautiful be we were starting to get museum...

a second level balcony has this wire 'site specific' installation work by...

the wires represent lines on topographical maps of a local Indiana cavern

the balcony overlooks this woods where the museum is creating a 100...

the balcony is also where I picked up this pretty homeless girl...

the second level has a gallery of ancient art objects too

including this reclining figure who got shot in the head - and...

African art is always a joy to see

like all of their exhibits the museum presents objects of great beauty...








in another abrupt change of pace - the second level also presents...

Heidi Klum says that in fashion 'one day you're in and the...

mercifully these are currently out

although this Versace dress is really colorful



'float like a butterfly - sting like a bee'

probably the best four of the exhibit


from the third level (the fourth floor) there is this view of...

and w-a-y out there in the far corner of the parking lot...

127 years old and more vibrant than ever

Today our quest for ‘the best of Indianapolis’ took us to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The museum celebrated it’s 125th birthday in 2008 and it’s one of the best art museum’s we’ve been privileged to visit. The building is an architectural masterpiece, and it provides a perfect setting for their fine permanent collection. With the exception of one special exhibit everything is free!

The museum stands four stories tall with the store, cafeteria and Design center on the lobby level. The first viewing level is on the second floor and it houses the museum’s European and American art collections and a special exhibit gallery. The special exhibit was of installation pieces by a woman sculptor and the museum charges for it. We elected to leave it for last because the museum is so huge and there was so much we wanted to see. By the time we got through with everything else it was late and we were tired, so we skipped the special exhibit and left it for ‘next time’.

The second viewing level (third floor) is home to the Asian, African and Ancient art galleries as well as a colorful exhibit on Fabric art in the form of high fashion over the years. The third viewing level on the fourth floor is a small space devoted to very contemporary art. It is more intellectual than visual for the most part and since the pieces still belong to the artists and not to the museum, photography is not allowed.

With that we will keep this dissertation mercifully short and let the photos above tell the rest of the story.

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