Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore Summer 2010 travel blog

Today we went back into the park. This time we wanted to spend more time and take a walk around the base of the tower. It was just the right time when we arrived at the visitors center. Twenty minutes later there would be a walk around the base of the tower hosted by one of the park rangers. Ranger Karen showed up and soon we were off. Karen’s and her family Lakota Sioux of the Burnt Dye People and she is a linguist and also majors in Indian studies in college. Like many of the other rangers in parks this is a summer job. Soon she will be back at school in Virginia. At each stop she told us not only about the Tower, but trees, plants and wildlife around the area. She also gave us an Indians prospective to the tower as well. The Indians believe this is a scared place and hold prayer ceremonies here often. Soon we were back were and departed. We took tons of pictures and had a great walk. On the way back to the campground we again stopped at the prairie dog area. We took some pictures and watched as they poked their heads out and barked back and forth to each other. We made one quick stop at the gift shop located outside the park.

Finely we got back to the trailer to free Heidi from her captivity. We took a walk around the campground and a little lunch. The rest of the day we will take it easy and get ready for moving day tomorrow. In the morning we will head off to Billings for one night and into Anaconda the next day.

I have posted more pictures on the web.

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