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Yannis' Taverna

sunset over Rhodes

View from the acropolis

Our bed and breakfast

Today was another glorious day. Breakfast in the garden is such a wonderful way to start the day. Each day there is a different fresh fruit on the yogurt.

I went to the square for some shopping while Jim stayed back to try to get rid of a nasty sinus headache. Jim was doing much better when I returned to the room so we went back down to the center together. There was another cruise ship in today so things were really hopping. We had lunch at Yannis' again. The food is so good and he is so friendly. While we were there, "Papa" arrived carrying 2 bags of greens. One was full of grape leaves for Dolmades and the other had an herb that looks like dill but tastes slightly of anise. He gave me a sprig to take home.

We took a walk into new Rhodes 1 block in from the main tourist drag. We saw some nice homes and gardens as well as main street USA store fronts. The "Go Greece" book we used as our guide mentioned viewing the sunset from the acropolis (the highest point in the city)so we tried a couple of places in old town but couldn't figure out how to get higher. Everything was blocked off so we headed out of the walls again. We finally saw a sign to the acropolis, it pointed up an endless uphill road so up we went. At last we were at the top and what a view, it was definitely worth the walk (a good 2 miles). By the time we got down into town it was quite dark. I think we walked 6 or 7 miles today. We should be in great shape after all the walking we have done on this trip.

We noticed Kostas was still open so we stopped in for some baked feta and his wonderful bread. Jim was in seventh heaven because Kostas brought out a dish of black olives. This was a wonderful way to end our stay on Rhodes.

We feel so blessed. We have been able to enjoy each of our stops without rain. We had a little drizzle in Thessaloniki but that was it. That's pretty amazing for 3 weeks.

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