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I saw the first Blue Bonnet in Big Bend State Park February 19. It was a single bedraggled plant, struggling through the mud by the side of the road. It was wonderful to see it - a sign of spring and a reminder of the nice views we had seen in the Hill Country. I took a photo of it.

When we first got here in the Hill Country, we were thrilled to see the first blue flower grouping at the side of the road. We stopped to take a photo - well, to be honest, many photos. Then we started to look for more: Lets find a field that has mixture of red and blue flowers. Why not try for a field with yellow and purple ones as well? Sometimes cactus grows in the midst of the blossoms. Lets get a photo with a cactus as well. The backgrounds of those photos are rather ordinary. Why not find a picturesque cemetery, church, picket fence with flowers nearby? How about some animals - a mule, some cattle? There are some nice rocky outcroppings here. Can we find some that have flowers growing around them? We saw a web posting about an abandoned railroad bed that was lush with flowers and went to check that out. The area smelled wonderful, a bit like lilac. Too bad we can't include that in the photos.

People drive fast in Texas. They have to; it's a big state. But when you're on flower quest going a moderate 55mph, the scenery is still going by so fast it's hard to spot the perfect spot fast enough. And when I yell, "Stop!", Ken looks in the rear view mirror and sees two pick up trucks hard on our tail, waiting to pass and get back to 70mph. And then on to look for a safe spot to turn around. Flower photography is hard work.

As yet unfulfilled on that check list - a grouping of bluebonnets around a lake. There's always tomorrow.

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