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Lock and Dam on the Arkansas River in Barling, Arkansas

Arkansas River

The Barrracks-Courthouse-Jail at Ft. Smith Nationial Historic Site - courthouse was on...

The Flagpole with the Commissary in the background

Reproduction of the gallows where 79 men were hanged between 1875-1896

One of the cannons on the grounds

The Arkansas state line from 1834-1907

Arkansas River at Ft. Smith National Historic Site

The old commissary storehouse

The trolley in Ft. Smith runs on tracks through town

The lock is opening to let a boat through

The boat is through and the lock is open

The lock is closing

We spent 2 nights at a Corps of Engineers park on the Arkansas River next to one of the lock and dams on the river. We explored Ft. Smith National Historic site. There were two forts at two different times on the site. It became the site of the Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas in 1872. The most famous judge to hear cases was Judge Parker. He heard cases from the Indian Territory and sentenced many men to be hung.

When we got back to the campground we watched the lock open and close for a fishing boat. Very interesting to see!

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