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Helia and I renewing our IRL friendship

Before #1

Before #2

Before #3

The roof is off!!

Wall one down

The mighty Sara - knocking down walls.

Cleaning up the area

Old shed is nothing but smoke at this point

Posts all in and some of the braceing going in

Reconnecting the electrical panel

Putting on the roof

Attaching the metal siding salvaged from the store remodel

Trim work - a sliding door and interior wall to be done...

Blaze and Buck - two of the litter from Feb. Sara only...

September 3 is our youngest daughter, Sara's, birthday. Since it is usually around Labor Day we try to spend it with her to get the most of her days off from work. It worked again this year.

We took off right after work on the 2nd and spent the evening at son, Mark's house with our youngest granddaughter. My goodness that 3 yo can talk!! It was a great evening. The next morning we got up early and Mark took us to the commuter train to downtown Chicago. From there we walked about 1/2 a block and (after a long wait because I didn't want to be late) got on the Mega bus for Ann Arbor, MI.

Sara works about 1/2 mile from where the bus let us off. We went to her work and met all her friends. One of my friends, Helia, from the forum I post on every day lives in the area so she came to meet us. We had met here a few years ago and it was great to renew our IRL friendship.

Our main project was to rebuild the well house at Sara and Dave's. The old one had see much better days and they needed some storage space for yard tools. So the next morning we started in.

By the time Dave got home from work, we had dismantled most of the old well house. We left one wall as it had the electrical boxes on it but that came down soon after Dave got home. Then they dug the holes for the 4X4 posts to start framing out the new well house. It went from about 7x7 to 8x16 so you can see it added a lot of room.

Ron, Sara, and I didn't do much on Saturday. We got some roof rafters up and then went shopping at my favorite used bookstore and also stopped for groceries.

Dave was off the next day so we got the rest of the roof rafters up, the roof on and the siding done. Monday it rained so we took naps and just kicked back. Poor Dave had to work.

The siding came from recycled materials that were headed for the dumpster when they remodeled Dave's store. They have to fill a few screw holes, power wash the siding and spray a coat or two of paint on it - but it won't rot out like the plywood on the old well house. I can't wait to see it when it is done. They will insulate the part that the well is in and put in an interior wall to keep the heat in that part. The rest will house the riding lawn mowers, other garden tools and wheelbarrows. Knowing Dave, he will use every inch of storage most efficiently.

Tuesday morning Sara took us back to the bus in the rain. It was almost 20 minutes late getting out of Detroit so we had a long wait. The ride back to Chicago wasn't too bad as the sun came out about 2/3 of the way.

We spent the night at Mark's again and then came back to Stronghold on Wednesday. It was a great trip and we got a lot of satisfaction about helping Sara and Dave. It blew my diet, however, as they both are great cooks and we always eat too much at their house.

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