Peru Encompassed 2009 travel blog

As soon as I got to the hotel I bee-lined for the shower where I parked myself for a good 45 minutes to remove layers of dirt and warm my bones!!! I forced myself to eat a very late dinner and then slept like a log until 8am. A friend took me to a really nice restaurant, Ciccolinas for breakfast where I enjoyed a full American breakfast and the best ever banana milkshake. We managed to visit the Inca Museam and San Pedro Church before the protest from yesterday hit town. There were thousands of protesters of all ages and economic background. There were police and guards with gas guns and shields but the protest was peaceful, thankfully. I was a little disappointed as the whole town shut down and being this our only free day here I felt I missed out on seeing more of this fascinating town.

Late in the afternoon the drama settled and everything went back to normal. It was lovely and sunny so we sat on a balcony in a cafe and enjoyed the simple act of people watching. Tonight we are all invited to a super hero party, I´m going as catwoman- no sniggers please!

Sad to say I am nearing the end of my trip, flying out to Iquitos at 8.30am to begin our Amazon leg. There is no electricity there so I wont be in touch for a few days...

Hope you are all well and that the flu isn't much of a problem...

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