Bob & Linda's Alaska Trip 2009 travel blog

mud flats of Turnagain Arm

out going tide Turnagain Arm

Brown bear at Alaska Wildlife Center

vista on Seward highway

Seward Sealife Center

downtown Seward

trail to "view the glacier" Exit Glacier

we made it to the edge

trail to the edge of Exit Glacier

mtn.view with Lupines on Seward highway

Tern Lake at Seward and Sterling Highway

6/30 - Headed down the Seward Highway this AM, a little haze in the air. The tide was going out in Turnagain Arm. (this area has tidal bores of up to 6', we will wait them out when we come back) We were then following rivers and lakes, another very scenic drive. While crossing a bridge, Bob spotted a Grizzly (and we weren't the only ones). Stopped at the next turnout and walked (some were running) back to get his picture. Well, that didn't happen thanks to a dog who chased him away, but not before we spotted him again. Stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center which is dedicated to the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured animals. All were fenced in and we were able to drive thru the 140 acres and see them in their habitat. Arrived in Seward to find no waterfront camping available. We were a little bummed at first but as the temps cooled down, found out it was for the best. It got a tad bid chilly by the water. Found a campsite off the water and after dinner took a drive around town to see what was happening. Had a camper come up along side of us on the right and we couldn't imagine what was wrong. Turns out it was a couple we had met in Dawson City (on the Midnight Dome). Funny how we have crossed paths with so many different people we have met along the way. 7/1 - Visited the Seward Sealife Center this Am. Very interesting. Not like our Mystic Aquarium with so many fish tanks, this aquarium combines research with wildlife rehabilitation, conservation and public education. They still are studying the effects of the Exxon oil spill on the marine wildlife, 20 yrs now. We then were off to hike the trails at the Exit Glacier. First, we headed down a trail to "view the glacier" .5 mile, OK. Not a bad trail, wheelchair accessible. Then on to the trail to the "edge of the glacier", .4 mile. (ya right, this one was a little more taxing, but we made it). Coming down was a lot easier, but we are both a little stiff tonight. Drove on a little further than we expected, tonight we are in Kenai looking at the steam from Mt. Redoubt. It's 12:45 AM and still twilight with pink sky. We're really getting to be night owls.

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