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Heidi country

Leitenstein Castle

mountain view

Today we went for a bus trip into the country area of Switzerland. We headed east from Zurich into beautiful mountain areas. At one stage we could see the mountains in Austria and also in Germany.

We also dropped into Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein. Vaduz has a population of just over 5000. Tiny Liechtenstein, not quite as large as Washington, DC, lies on the east bank of the Rhine River between Austria and Switzerland. It consists of low valley land and Alpine peaks. Blacklisted in 2000 as a center for money laundering, Liechtenstein toughened its laws and made major efforts to clean up its financial practices.

This was the easiest border crossings we have made - there were no checks, we just drove across the Rhine. The currency is Swiss franks, but euro is also accepted.

Actually our bus trip was called the Heidi tour and late in the afternoon we visited the famous Heidi house. Although this didn't interest us in particular, the scenery was once again breathtaking.

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