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The progression of the pox

Hoi An ancient town

It was a no-motorised vehicle day...

Stalls along the Van Thu dock


yep. definitely no cars.




Typical street in Hoi An

Wood carvers at work

Barber giving someone a shave

A shoe shop; they make those to order too!

Cooking class ingredients

Chopping the veggies

My favorite bit, frying the prawn crackers


Vietnamese salad ( I made it myself :P)

Sauteed veggies, grilled fish and Aoi An rice (made those myself too...

Enjoying the meal at the end

Yesterday I caught a bus about about 3 hours south to the small town of Hoi An (no, not a sleeper bus. Apparently you can only get them at night; I checked!) I planned to quarantine myself but that was before I realised that I had no TV, no books, no food and no water so in order to survive I had to venture forth.

Hoi An is a gorgeous little place and one of my favorite places in Vietnam. It's famous for it tailoring and every second shop front is offering clothes made at bargain basement prices. Everyone gets clothes made here and even though I'm backpacking I'm no exception, although I just had them copy a pair of cargo pants I already have rather than getting suits or dresses like most people.

The 'Old Hoi An' is set on the river and comprises the original section of the town that was an international trading centre back in the 16th and 17th centuries. On alternate days of the week no motorised traffic is allowed in this part of the city to allow pedestrians (ie tourists) to enjoy the ancient city, which was named a Unesco world Heritage site in 1999, unimpeded my motos. Of course preservation of all this comes at a price and it costs 75,000d just to walk in there!

There are gorgeous bridges, boats, markets, museums and dozens of restaurants and bars. I decided to book in to a Vietnamese cooking class there with a couple of Dutch girls I had met and it was fantastic. We spent 3 hours preparing, and then eating, Vietnamese salad, Hoi An spring rolls, sauteed vegetables, grilled fish in banana leaf with saffron and Hoi An Ancient Town rice. And a highlight for me; we cooked prawn crackers! I've only ever seen them before in a plastic bag when I get Chinese takeaway, I had no idea how it was made.

I've added photos to my last entry, and yes there are some pics of pox. Fortunately you can't really see them in full length photos as its too far away so I've had to take some close up ones to give the full effect!

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