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Memorial to 2002 bombing victims in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

New Arena Hotel in Bali.

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Early Sunday morning 1;15 am we boarded our flight to Bali, Indonesia from Doha, Qatar. We arrived in Bali at sunset. The end of the flight in was great, mountains and beach every where. After loading up on Rupiah (currency) we got a visa and hailed a cab into Kuta to find accomodations. It kind of cool to see your bank account and there be so many numbers. I am a multi-millionaire here.

Brew and I hiked down Poppie Gang I and into the Ayu Beach Inn. After negotiating we got a nice room for a decent price. After cranking the A/C we headed out to dinner. I was deliriously tired but found my second wind as we went out for drinks and dancing. I have become somewhat of a dance machine. Pretty much any club we have gone to while traveling has been a dance club, so I guess I have adapted. Plus I picked up some pretty sweet moves from my Egyptian friend, Shady.

Our first night at Bounty (club) Brian decided to drop a glass and dance on the broken glass causing a pretty serious gash on his foot. He is been a trooper and not let it slow him down much.

With some pretty serious jet lag and an aggressive night led us to sleep til nearly 4 pm the next afternoon. Following that we lined up a bus and ferry combo to take us over to the Gili Islands off of Lombok.

We took in the sunset on Kuta beach that night and hit the rack early since we would be picked up at 6 am the next morning. The travel over to Gili turned out to be a full day and didnt arrive on Gili T, the largest of the 3 Gili islands, til nearly 6 pm. Not wanting to walk around to find a place we settled on the first room Rueben took us to. The place was Rudy's and was the shittiest place we have stayed yet.

After check in we went to the Snapper Wrap and got a plate of excellent seafood (Mahi Mahi, calamari, shrimp, etc).

The next day a stirred a little late and set out solo to circumnavigate the island. On the South end I found a great sitting log and caught up on my journal. By the time I made it around to the Northern end I was starving and happened into a pizza joint. I had a sweet cabana right on the beach to myself and finished off Digital Fortress, my fourth Dan Brown novel.

That night we decided to upgrade rooms and had a pretty serious altercation with the people at Rudy's. After being threatened we decided to lay low for dinner and night time activities.

The next morning at 8 am we found it best to go ahead and leave Gili T and caught the first boat off the island to Lombok. That morning we did get a good laugh as a cow being loaded on a boat for trade off the island jumped shipped, swam to shore and proceeded to raise hell.

Once back in Kuta the next day we decided to put our negotiating skills to the test of and bought a tank, hat, and knock off sunglasses. I think I got all of that for the equivalent of $5. After a $5 massage I found myself poolside chatting up a couple of cool German girls. They took us to a super cheap and good INdonesian restaurant after the sunset on Kuta Beach. We then got a couple of happy hour Bintang beers before heading to the 'steps'. Then it was on to the dance floor at Paddy's. I absolutely wore it out this night completely soaking every inch of clothing i had on.

It is raining now on Monday afternoon (12/22) around 12:30 pm and I am quite hung over. Before I set out to the cheap internet cafe I managed to fish out one Aleve, however this pounding is one that requires at least 2 more.

We have continued to not explore Bali too much but it has been fun just to hang out in Kuta with some good people. We have finally found a really nice place to stay for the past couple of nights. The New Arena Hotel is our 5th different place to stay and by far the best. I am paying $7.50 for the room and have no complaints. There has been a decent amount of pool time taken in there. There is a really nice infinity edge pool with waterfall and swim-up bar. There always seems to be some nice scenery gathered around, which I dont complain about either.

I guess I should also mention a really fun night we had with Cassie and Ali from Seattle. Cassie use to work with Brian in Denver and was randomly on vacation with her family in Bali. Brian and I met up with them for a beer after bidding farewell to our German friends. We then showed them the ropes at 'the stairs' followed by a late night at Bounty.

There was also an impromtu cockfight one night at the steps, which was entertaining. It wasnt one of the blood bath where one of the, er, cocks gets killed, but did get the experience.

I am also highly anticipating the completion of some custom pants I am having made by a local tailor. One night leaving the bar I got the idea of a candy cane, red and white striped suit to wear for Christmas. So I popped my head in a Tony's tailoring. He said he wouldnt have enough time to do a full suit with those kind of stripes before I left. I ended up being able to reach an agreement to half fulfill my vision with some sweet pants that I designed given the amount of time I had before departing to Singapore.

Tuesday night we fly out to Singapore where we will spend Christmas. It is starting to hit me all that I will be missing by not being home for holidays for the first time ever.

Happy Holidays to everyone out there!

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