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Real cowboys! herding buffalo no less...

Thomas at sunrise! Never thought I'd get a photo like this!

Teague finds friends all over the place!

After getting up at the horrible hour of 5:00 A.M., we all piled into the car and headed down to Custer State Park to see the famous "Buffalo round-up" that the Park holds annually for herd control purposes.

We knew thousands of others were planning the same thing, but to see the line of cars at that hour of the morning was amazing! We knew then that we weren't the only crazy people to be doing this.

Actually, the process went pretty smoothly, and once we got parked, we had to wait (and watch the sun come up!) for about 3-4 more hours until the cowboys and cowgirls finally appeared with thousands of buffalo at the crest of a hill. They then drove the buffalo down into the valley in front of us and then around into the buffalo corrals behind us. It was a truly amazing sight!

After this event was over around noon, we headed 'home' to the trailer and all took naps - it felt great!

Thomas writes....

Gaga. Today we got up at 5:00 a.m. to watch buffalo get herded. It was going to take a long time. We wanted to stay and watch the branding, but it wasn't until another half hour. It was kind of cool, but not that much. I caught 3 fish and dad caught 1.

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