USA Tour ,and on, with Steve, Shirley, and Frances 2008 travel blog

Our breakdown location this morning, Wilmington, Vermont

Vermont countryside

Vermont State House at Montpelier

Steve reading from Daniel 9 on the capitol steps

We left Woodford State Park early this morning in high anticipation of speaking the proclamation at three capitols today, but alas, that was not to be. Only a few short miles from the campground we ended up on the side of the road again with a call into AAA. At least the scenery was gorgeous!!!

We were coming down a very and I mean very steep hill when suddenly we started smoking and lost power to the steering and the brakes. It's a bit unnerving when the guy at the wheel yells out "I can't steer and I have no brakes!" Abba, YHVH, stop us was the first thing out of Frances's and my mouths. And He did! Praise His mighty and glorious Name!!! Triple A was having a hard time figuring out where we were and when they finally did they couldn't find anyone with a big enough rig to give us a tow so here we sit. Steve went on a walk to see if he could figure out where we were and in the meantime Toby shows up. We all think that Toby was sent by YHVH/God. Steve gets back about this time and together they crawl under the rig and in about 15 minutes have the problem diagnosed and fixed. A hydraulic hose had come loose, the smoke was from all the fluid spilling out on the hot engine. No fluid means no brakes, no steering. Tightened the hose, filled 'er up with fluid and away we went albeit tentatively at first. Loosing your brakes and steering takes a bit to get over and recover your driving confidence. We tried to give Toby some money, but he refused, we were able to bless him with 2 of our CD's. Please pray for Toby, he's facing back surgery in a few weeks and pray also for his place in the kingdom of YHVH.

We finally made it to Montpelier about 4:00.

It was a beautiful drive through Vermont with lots of fall color. In about a week or two the fall color should be prime.

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