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Georgetown paper mill

marina on the Great Pee Dee River

this beautiful low country . .

you just want to get a boat and follow every path

here's Myrtle . . Beach that is . .

more Myrtle . . had enough?

at last - the sign we've been looking for!

North Carolina road


Cape Fear River - Wilmington N. C.

Carolina Beach State Park

marina on the Cape Fear River


our campsite at Carolina Beach S.P.

another beauty

And crossing the state line too - Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We woke to a gray, overcast day. We said goodbye to Dave and Lucien, and since they are also headed for Canada we exchanged numbers. Very nice people. He and I both look like old California hippies. But he was president of a small private college, while I - well - never mind.

We got back on Highway 17 north. It’s nice open four lane road with little traffic, and for the first forty miles we didn’t pass many towns. Then we came to Georgetown on Winyah Bay. Winyah Bay is the outlet of the Great Pee Dee River and Georgetown is home to a large paper mill, sited there so they could mash the logs they floated down the Great Pee Dee. The mill still spews steam, but no sulfur dioxide these days.

Half an hour later we started coming to the outskirts of Myrtle Beach, an overdeveloped and touristy town I always think I’ll avoid when I'm here, but can’t if you want to stay near the coast. We stopped at their Costco to gas up and do a little shopping. We spent the usual $300+ but this time Madolyn had two rebate checks from American Express worth $342, so we made enough to pay for our gas, do our shopping, pay for our camping, and still made a $2 profit for the day! If you have to go through Myrtle Beach, that’s the way to do it!

A few miles north of Myrtle Beach we crossed the state line into North Carolina. It was starting to rain but we still had plenty of daylight so we headed for Carolina Beach State Park for the night. The park is out on the barrier strip that includes Cape Fear and there’s a ferry to it, but we were too late to catch it. That meant driving around through the outskirts of Wilmington, but we found the park and it’s large, quiet and wooded. There is also a nice marina on the Cape Fear River.

Venus fly traps grow wild here! But unfortunately we didn’t see any. :-(

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