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Thank god for our aircon coahc ...this was the alternative!

The Olgas

The P's at the Olgas

Dinner cooking away on the fire, just about to drag our sleeping...

KIngs Canyon

Mr P swimming in 'the Gardne of Eden'

Having touched done in Alice Springs(also known as the Alice) we made our way to Toddy's backpackers resort(in the loosest sense) for a taste of real backpacker life. As you can imagine Mrs. P. was overjoyed to be in a dorm with 5 males for the night(brave girl).

Up early next morning(5:00 am) we met our tour guide, Robert and boarded our luxury air conditioned bus to Ayers rock resort. The temperature outside was a mere 33 C at 8:00 am and was getting hotter. Would you believe there are only two right turns out of Alice to Uluru. Needless to say the scenary is a little repetitive after the first 10 minutes, although Mr. P. did enjoy the unspoilt views of the desert. Following a quick check in at the resort(forget plush hotels - we were camping!) we headed off to The Olgas for an afternoon stroll. Apparently they close the walk when the temperature reaches 36C, so we were overjoyed that the temperature was only 35C and we could mooch off on a 6Km walk. The views were stunning and The Olga rock formations absolutely amazing. Feeling very proud of ourselves we headed over to Uluru (Ayers Rock) for sunset. As we pulled up there were numerous coach tours(a bit more up market than ours!) serving champagne and canapes waiting for sunset. Mr. P. did consider chancing his arm at gatecrashing the posher tours but was 40 years too young and didn't have a purple rinse so would have stood out like a sore thumb!

After recognising the shade of green that everybody on our tour turned, Robert, the tour guide, produced some wine and Dorritos for us to munch on while the sun set. The colours the rock tunrned in the last 10 minutes before sunset were absolutely awesome, an experience neither of us will ever forget.

In the evening we made it back to camp for some good old Aussie cuisine, a barby of snags(sausages) and steak plus a few beers. That night we decided to brave the elements and creatures of the bush by sleeping out under the stars. Falling asleep watching the night sky and shooting stars was amazing.

Up next morning for sunrise, meant we were waking up to the same night sky we had fallen asleep too. Refusing to believe it was 4:00am we crawled back onto the bus for Sunrise at Uluru. The jury was split as to which was best, Mrs. P. voting for sunset, Mr. P. voting for sunrise. Following on from this we decided to walk the 10km around the base of Uluru to check out the aboriginal cave paintings and watering holes. Ignoring the plaques of those people who had died whilst trying to climb Uluru, some of the group wanted to walk up to the top of the rock but unfortunately for them the tourist comission close it off when the temp reaches 40 C or the winds are too strong (it was now 41C and yes you guessed it - still rising).

After some fine bush tucker cooked on the campfire and another night under the stars we had a 4:00am start for Kings Canyon. Opting for the 7km walk up through the gorge(because we are glutens for punishment) we saw some beautiful sights and went swimming in the Garden of Eden. Arriving back at the bus we were told it was 39 C (at 9:00am)and hit 43 C just before lunch. Thankfully(and we never thought we would be saying this) we were glad we got up at 4:00am and did the walk early! Headed back to the Alice, arriving at 6:00pm and went out for dinner at a local watering hole where Mr. P. had the most delicious Kangaroo steak, washed down with gallons of Aussie beer.

Everything in, we had travelled 1650 Km and walked 23 Km in the three days since leaving Alice.

Leaving Alice we flew to Cairns to embrace a tropical rain storm - it has not stopped raining for the last 24 hours and we want a refund please!

Photos to follow - but check back on the "finding Remo" entry for new piccies

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