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Stagecoach Inn Dining Room

Virginia Cunningham, Stagecoach Inn

Virginia Cunningham at Large Tree

Glenda Alexander at Water Pump by Large Tree

Glenda Alexander on Large Tree

Salado College Ruins

Salado College Ruins

Salado College Ruins

Today I had lunch with my new friend, Virginia Cunningham of Temple, at the Stagecoach Inn in Salado. We met back in November at the Benchmark RV Park in Marion, Mississippi. She and Jim are fellow Lazy Daze owners. She brought me a gift to thank me for being her friend. What a wonderful surprise! There were two soaps (lavender and lemon verbena), two packages of notes and a little book, "A Pocketful of Promises for Women" published by Honor Books.

The Stagecoach Inn was founded in 1861 as the Shady Villa. The Van Bibber family purchased it in 1941 and have developed it into a widely-known hotel and restaurant. They have a varied menu of original recipes. We had their catfish lunch. I chose tomato aspic as my salad, the first time I've had it in years. (

The Village of Salado was founded at the Old Military Road crossing of Salado Creek on October 8, 1859. It developed as an industrial and agricultural center and ranked second in size and importance in Bell County until the early 1880s. Salado College was founded the same year on 100 acres of land with a gift by Col. E. S. C. Robertson. It operated until 1885 and is now in ruins. There are about 130 businesses in Salado, most of them catering to tourists. Eighteen of the old buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The village is about 15 miles south of Temple on I-35 (

After our big lunch we, walked around a while, visiting the ruins of Salado College, the Museum and some of the nearby shops. The mostly gray sky and chilly wind made our walk less than perfect but we had a good time anyway.

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