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Travelling thru the Austrian/Swiss Alps (1)

Travelling thru the Austrian/Swiss Alps (2)

Travelling thru the Austrian/Swiss Alps (3)

Travelling thru the Austrian/Swiss Alps (4)

Travelling thru the Austrian/Swiss Alps (5)

Alongside the lakes in Switzerland

Hotel Bildungzentrum (1)

Hotel Bildungzentrum (2)

After much debate, we decided to go to Basel in Switzerland which is right on the Swiss/French/German border as opposed to Zurich or Luzerne which are further to the southeast, to have an easier time of making a day trip to the Black Forest and to hopefully make it easier to get on our way to Paris on Sunday. The trip from Salzburg to Basel took about seven hours thru the Austrian and Swiss Alps and the scenery and views were absolutely spectacular. Mountains and valleys and lakes and waterfalls and scenic small was like being part of a postcard. We went thru numerous tunnels and what was particularly interesting was coming out of a long tunnel to a stop at St. Anton in Austria which was simply just a small gap between two tunnels high above the town in the valley below and then going back into a long tunnel immediately thereafter. There were two stops like this along the way. As we wound our way down out of the Swiss Alps towards Zurich we passed along side some incredibly clear blue lakes, reminiscent of some of the lakes at home around Banff and Jasper. We changed trains in Zurich and arrived in Basel where the tourist info people were most helpful. An interesting twist to attracting tourists to Basel is to provide what is called a "Mobility Ticket" to tourists with a confirmed room reservation. This allows you to get on any bus or tram in the city free of charge during your stay......what a great way to arrive in a strange city and have free transportation to your destination....and the tourist info people make sure you get the right bus or tram and advise you how many stops to wait before you need to get made finding our hotel a breeze. The hotel we are staying at looks like it may have been part of the University here (and may still be, as there is a library in the building and each floor of the building seems to have some sort of affiliation with university life and there appear to be numerous students around....

....until tomorrow......

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