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Entrance to Edzna Ruins

Edzna Ruins Sign

Pyramid at Edzna

Another View

Five-story Pyramid

Notice Crown-Like Top

Intricate Masks at Temple of Masks

Edificio de los Cinco Pisos

Iguana posing in Trees

Monument Near Campeche

Pirate Cruise Ship

Today is a designated free day and a group of us went to the ruins at Edzna. Phil led the caravan and we rode with Hutch & Margrita. Phil & Gerry negotiated the fee to 25 pesos per person and that included the entrance fee, a guide, and tip.

When we arrived, it was very warm, humid and sticky and we were immediately attacked by the mosquitoes. We came armed with our bug spray and were glad we had it.

Edzna is the closest major ruins to Campeche and most of these temples date from around 500-800 AD. Edzna was supposedly inhabited from 600 BC to the 15th century. The buildings are said to look like the Puuc style of architecture from the sites such as Uxmal (we'll be going there tomorrow). Puuc means mountain ridge in Mayan.

Gayle told us the Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto was filmed at Edzna.

The most impressive structure there was the huge Templo de los Cinco Pisos (Temple of Five Levels). There were chambers at each level. Some of our group climbed all the way to the top. We climbed part way; but the heat and humidity discouraged us from being too adventurous. We're not as indefatigable as we once were.

Another temple was called Nohochna (Big House), with built-in benches probably designed for spectators to view theatrical and ritual events.

Another interesting one was the Templo de Mascarones (Temple of Masks) with carved portrayals of the rising and setting sun gods.

Many stones had very intricate carvings of animals, fish and other creatures. What led to the decline at Edzna is still a mystery.

We stopped at Sam's on the way back to stock up on some things and we paid a visit to McDonalds for hamburgers. American fast food chains abound in Mexico.

We had our customary social hour for our tour briefing for tomorrow. We had dinner at home to use up some of the meat they look for at the agricultural checkpoints.

We need to get ready to depart at 9 o'clock in the morning bound for Uxmal.

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