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Kelsie and Arrow. Notice the original 1800's wood cook stove in background.

Kelsie, NancyAnn and Arrow

Jack, Kelsie, Cathy and Minnie

Jack, Cathy, NancyAnn and Roger

We are leaving the fun of Niagara Falls and heading east to visit another e-family who is dear to my heart, even though we have not met before. We are on our way to see Cathy and Jack and their daughter Kelsie and Black Lab Minnie in Scotia, New York, very near Schenectady. This family has owned an RV Park there for many years and sold this past year, but we will be staying there anyway...Cathy has it all arranged for us. I can barely wait to see them and this beautiful area of New York State.

We are traveling on Why 90...a toll road...all the way. We have tried to get one of the tool gate keepers to let me have a non time and date stamped toll card for my album, but it was a no go. One lady would have done it, but some man (probably here supervisor) said NO WAY. After the third toll gate and try, we gave up.

We are amazed at all the "service areas" on the toll roads. There are gas stations, food places (Mickey D's or Burger Kings mostly) and even some tourist trap gift shops along the way. It is great for Arrow because they are safe places for us to let him stretch his legs and play a little and take care of the necessaries. They are great for us too....but they are every 30 miles or so. Unbelievable. They are clean and most have a tourist section where you can get maps, brochures, etc. Great service for the traveler.

Cathy has given us great directions, so we will be pulling in to Arrowhead Camp Ground soon. I'll pick this up later. (actually, I am typing this on the word processor and will transfer to the journal later). TTYL

We just had a great surprise. Cathy and Kelsie just showed up. I didn't think we were going to be able to see them until tomorrow. Oh my, they are just as sweet as I imagined. And Kelsie is such a doll. We have a dinner date with the family tomorrow night, so we will be able to really get acquainted. They had to go home so Kelsie could get her homework done.

This park is really beautiful. If sits along side the Mohawk River at a place where it is near to the Erie Canal System. There are still some boats at the park marina, and it is all just so peaceful watching the river flow by and see the boats bobbing and tugging at their dock lines. Makes me really miss Gwennan of Cambria....but not the sickness for sure. The grounds are filled with large trees and the spaces are of great size, so you don't feel packed in. The new folks are very friendly with us and things look a lot better than pictures I saw earlier in the year, after the devastating flood in the area. If we are even in this part of the world again, we will stay here for sure.

The rigs on both sides house old friends of Cathy and her family and they have taken under their wings and are telling us all sorts of places to see and things to do. There is no way we can get it all done. LOL


Today we went to the AAA office in Schenectady to get a plane ticket for Roger's sister, Cora. She is flying from her Sacramento home to spend some time with us. We are so glad she accepted the invitation. She arrives Sunday the 1st at Boston Airport. Cora visited us once on the boat in San Diego Harbor and we three had such a good time....we know this will be great too. After the AAA office we had lunch in a Pub called Pinhead Susan's.


We had so much fun last night. Great dinner with Cathy and family and Arrow and Minnie, even though they really didn't play, seemed to like each other and got along just fine. Arrow, as is his usual habit, fell in love with Kelsie. I guess we should have adopted him a kid when we got him. LOL He seems to really like children and has never had a chance to be around them at home. Roger and I had great conversations with Jack and Cathy and Kelsie too, who is just as bright as a new penny and twice as cute, as you can tell from the pictures.

These folks live in a very very old house (well part of it anyway) that Jack bought when he was just out of high school. They have done wonderful remodeling, that made a nice home without taking away from the feel of history. There are hand hewn rough beams left, and the walls are beautifully finished light wood. It is so much fun to see these old homes saved and used by families who love them. The West is so new, we don't have much in the way of these old places, but the East is filled with these reminders of long ago days.

Tomorrow we will head to the Boston area and see Carolyn and Tom and all those beautiful Golden Retrievers. Another day to look forward to. We hope to see Cathy and the gang again...maybe in our part of the woods next.

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