OUr site B-40 was great!

Wow, this park has a lot of geese! Watch where you step!

A beautiful lake

A beautiful lake

Yea! we get to learn how Hershey's chocolate bar are made

We arrive at the Hershey Chocolate World

We arrive at the Hershey Chocolate World

An old add for Hershey's

Mr. Milton Hershey

Nice guy, to have lived by this statement

Mr. and Mrs. Hershey

We get to ride on a cocoa bean

The cows teach us about the fresh milk and other ingredients

The chocolate river

Hershey, Reese and Kiss talk to us along the way, too

Wisdom from Mr. Milton Hershey

At the end of the tour we get a free miniture candy...

In the store we find a 5 pounder, only available from here.

We met another character Hersheys owns...

Later we arrive at the Indian Echo Caverns.

Our guide briefs us about safety before we enter the caverns

This cavern is 150 feet below the surface with rooms reaching 200...

one of the rooms

some of the formations

This wooden box was found in the 1940's and it contained...

all these items, interesting....

Next day we drove the 70 miles to Gettysburg Battlefield

We found honest Abe waiting for us.

One of the flags used, flown during the battle of Gettysburg

Illustrative of what a Calvay Soldier would've looked like.

A connon actually used during the battle

All the kids get to stand where Abraham Lincoln stood to give...

This isn't the spot but a memorial about the speech

Kentucky memorial dedicating their native son, Lincoln at the spot where he...

The occasion was the dedication of this National Military Cemetery

On our way home we stopped by an RV park that has...

He got to feed the pigs.

Leaving Fort Meade for Hershey we had to head in a northwest direction. And only 68 miles later we arrived at the RV Park to find our ideal site under some trees that afforded us plenty of shade which on some of those hot days played well keeping us and the RV cool. We'll be here only for 6 days and have several fun things to see and do. Amongst them are Hershey Chocolate World, Indian Echo Cavern, Gettysburg Battlefield, Lititz Pretzels, ride on a Mennonite Horse drawn Wagon, do some fishing. Whew, it's going to be a full week.

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