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Headed up Hwy 281

Pulling in at the Admiralty resort

The office

The pool

All set up

Looking across the street

View from dining room table

Our site with neighbors

Looking across the street

Yesterday we were awake early. It was cool outdoors but we put our sweatshirts on and tried to sit on the patio to drink our coffee. The light breeze and 52 degree temp drove us back indoors after about 10 minutes. It warmed up a bit later and I got outside to take some pictures of this resort. I want you to take a look at how close everyone is. The pad for our neighbor begins only 1 foot from our patio. This is a nice resort but we have absolutely been spoiled by our time at Llano Grande in the valley. We are definitely crammed in here at the Admiralty.

Marilyn and I went to the HEB store not far away, to buy groceries. I mentioned that store when we were here last December. It is still the finest grocery store I have ever seen. By the way, for Howard, the HEB store has deisel fuel for $2.45 per gallon. We paid $2.85 just south of San Antonio, on the way here. So if you can wait until you are all set up before fueling the truck, the HEB store is the place to go.

The temps warmed nicely, to 72 degrees, so Marilyn walked to the pool to sunbathe, while I was left to do the cooking. I fixed a large pot of my beef vegetable soup. It was ready by the time Marilyn returned to the RV, so we sat all afternoon, watching the Masters golf tourney and eating soup. I have begun to feel a cold coming on, with runny nose, watering eyes, etc. So I am taking my vitamins again and trying to ward this off. I haven't been sick even once since retirement. Of course, we hardly ever get sick anyway, so that is no big deal.

After the golf ended, we went outdoors to sit in the lounge chairs and have a cold drink. Several people came over when they saw us outdoors. Gary, from Illinois, ask to see the Mobile Suites. He and his wife are new full-timers, in a smaller towable trailer. He asked good questions about the advantage of a 5th wheel, etc. A couple named Bill and Bobbie also dropped by. They are from right here in San Antonio and they are friends with Robert & Carlean, who we met at Llano Grande. Bill & Bobbie just took delivery of their brand new Mobile Suites. They love it and we had a nice conversation. While we were visiting with them, Richard stopped by. He is another Mobile Suites owner, parked just down the street. He is from Denver, CO. We had a good time getting to know these folks, and agreed to meet for cocktails. We may have to wait until the Masters is over. :) We missed more than half of "Survivor" while visiting with the neighbors, but were able to see the elimination ceremony.

Our good friend, Sherry, called to invite us to a birthday dinner on Monday. If my cold gets better, we'll definitely go to join their family. They keep telling us that they consider us family so we may as well jump in. They are wonderful people and we do love them. Sherry's grand daughter, Liz is celebrating her birthday and so is her step dad, Brian. We will all go out to eat somewhere. Also our good friends, Ralph & Rosalie, from Wichita, called to talk for awhile. They are thinking of getting a truck and a smaller trailer to do some traveling. We would have a good time with them if they were camped close by for a week or two. It is always nice to hear from friends. Some long time friends from Missouri called the night we arrived here. We are looking forward to seeing them and having a fish fry when we get to Missouri.

The fridge appears to be working just fine, so that is a relief. Oh yes, about 8:30 last night, a 5th wheel pulled in right next door. It was dark so I turned on my outside lights to help the guy see to get set up. This morning, they look really close!! I'll have to get out to take another picture and then post the photos for you.

Today we have nothing planned, except watching golf on tv and relaxing. Sounds like a plan to me. Let's just relax and see what this day brings. Life is a trip, so we will simply relax and enjoy the journey. Check back in a while to see the pictures.

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