Left Tubby's to begin the Alaska Highway odyssey. We decided to go only about 140 miles today and to stay at Pink Mountain, so named because of either the feldspar quartz that gives it a pink color or the color of the sky or something like that but it did not live up to its billing. There was 15 amp electric service only and that didn't work so we simply used our own power. The site wasn't bad but again, everyone was so close that you could practically smell your neighbor's breath - although they were very nice. We were both really tired for some reason and napped once we got to the campsite.

Then, we took a fairly long walk down one of the local gravel roads. There was a pretty view of the northern rockies over the hills but otherwise, all I can say about this area is that folks don't get rid of any junk. Whatever junk they have, they simply put into a big pile, try to burn it and if that doesn't work, just leave it in the middle of the yard. Even the "nice" houses have junk everywhere - it would drive me nuts. And...of course, everyone has a horse.

Bob is really an incredible "fixer". There was a squeaking noise in the TV cabinet while we traveled, and obviously, we were very concerned that the TV was loose. So...Bob actually managed to take the TV facing off, and we discovered that the TV is held up by three screws on a metal bracket. Well...one screw was actually out and laying in the cabinet. The second was also almost out. Bob got longer screws and hopefully fastened it securely. Good thing he is so handy and good thing we discovered this.

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