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Nizhoni signing up for duty with the RCMP.

Sunday - From Grande Prairie to Dawson Creek - a pretty short hop.

Had a nice drive up HWY 43 to the Mile Zero Campground in Dawson Creek. This is the jumping off point - the start of the Alaska Highway. Along the way, we saw Caribou farms, Llama farms, and other assorted sights. Some native Albertans told us to be sure and watch out for Caribou as we got further north - said they were worse than the Moose for standing in the road and not moving. Having killed 2 deer in one year with our fifth wheel in the past, we don't want to try for bigger game!

There are quite a few rigs here - one tour leaves tomorrow, and our tour leaves Thursday (although the festivities start on Wednesday morning). We got settled in and went off to do a little shopping. On the way back, we visited with the RCMP officer, who liked Nizhoni a lot (he misses his dog back in Quebec). When we got back to the park and Richard opened the RV door, the alarm went off and wouldn't stop - we had a terrible time finding out how to get the thing shut down! Some water had shorted out the key ring remote - if anyone was napping, they sure woke up with that alarm!! All is peaceful, now, thank God. Nizhoni worked off a lot of steam in the big field out in back of the park - frisbee play and 'work'. Lots of little RV dogs around - always a challenge with her. She remains sure that I will have death by small dog, and that she must save me. She met a young lab this morning - he was named 'Scot' - Scot lives on a farm and had never seen another dog - perhaps Girlie wasn't the best socialization teacher :)

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