Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Kings Canyon view

View 2

View 3

Camel view at Kings Canyon

Garden of Eden found in the heart of Kings Canyon

Garden of Eden

No one's told Helen it's freezing in there!

Paul's out and is frozen

Checking out the sheer drop off the cliff edge

Waterfall at the Garden of Eden

We are in the crowd somewhere

It's 30oC and the pac a mac comes out!

After a 7 year drought the gulleys start to overflow

Final view from Kings Canyon

Mount Connor

The group meal back in Alice

It was still raining on Thursday morning the rain water running along the ground was red because of the sands and stained our shoes.

We set off for Kings Canyon, Watarrka to the Abo's, to walk around its steep rim and peer over the edge of a 200 m rock face, the rain had stopped but thankfully there were clouds in the sky. Half way around the walk we came across a beehive formation called The Lost City and then The Garden of Eden, an oasis in the desert. We plunged into the cold waters and had a swim with the ducks that were paddling about in there. Ducks in the desert? Strange, but true. We didn't bring anything to dry ourselves with so had to walk in our wet clothes, it didn't matter because shortly after it rained heavily and any dry bits were soon wet. At least we didn't have to walk in a 40oC heat again.

Headed back to Alice Springs after lunch and met with the rest of the group in the bar later that night for kangaroo steaks and beers.

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