We're home for 5 weeks

Slow down when i n parks, we use 1st gear always.

The center of activities and there are many many activities

Our site is huge and comfy

The desert landscaping in the park is beautiful

Saguaro support several species of birds.

Those are cactus wrens, getting nesting materal

mountains out behind the park

mountains out behind the park

the park has its own oil changing rack and pressure car wash

Dave changes oil and filter on the Ram, he uses Amsoil.

Winter Storm Thor was bearing down on us so we departed Yuma early enough to make the 95 miles quick enough to get to Brenda, AZ before the rains came. All that worked out just fine.

We really like this little place, it feels like home coming for us. We'll be here for 5 to 6 weeks. We have several friends in the area .

Stay tuned...

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