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We are not sure where or what this is called but it...

There's many more of these to come, I got a bit carried...


I'm sure this is the same as the first one but bare...

Ozz couldn't take it anymore...... so he went down to explore!!

It was pretty steep!

He made it!

Allllllll alone on my secret beach!!!!

While Ozz was gone I got busy with our new camera!

You like!? there's plenty more where this came from!!

A bit of a tree with sea in background............

Same sort of thing but with more stuff in background!

Ozz's new hat! Actually I'm trying to give Lou & Cheese some...

Orrrrrr you could have.................

....orrrrrrrrrr maybe even!!!

Ozz rocking out in the sunshine!

Ice cream stop!

Today we were heading for Geevston, just south of Hobart (about 40 mins away) but there is a few forests there that we want to check out and a few other things, so we drove there and decided to find a hostel when we first got there.

This however backfired as there are only 2....One was full and the other one has closed down!

So in the end we drove back to Hobart and booked to stay in a YHA for the evening. YHA's are youth hostels (but you don't have to be a youth to stay in them!) they are all over Australia but usually over priced and according to people we have met and stuff we have read they are not all that! But as everything in Hobart also seems to be booked up tonight we had a lack of options!!

It was pretty ropey! Ozz was on the 3rd floor and I was on the first in a 10 bed mixed dorm and it STUNK!!!! I did anounce this as I walked in but didn't realise there were people in there! oooopsie!!

We decided to head out and on Alanda's referal we went down to the Harbour to have a look at the pubs, we ended up in an Irish pub and decided to treat ourselves to dinner! after this I headed back to the hostel as I had a bit of a headache and Ozz went to the internet cafe....I was supposed to regroup with him at 10 in the tv room but didn't wake up til the next morning!! It's all that driving!......It's very tiring!


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