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Aren't these just the cutest Christmas Geese in the world?

Our new favorite coffee place

Lots of construction going on around it

Here we are!

Lots of kids here today

School's Out

Kites are flying high

And Higher

Having Fun

We'll go out on this pier later

Where's my food?

Is hers bigger?


Oh boy.. The pelicans are .joining us

looks like fun

I'm getting too much sun

Oh I do love these sand pipers

Bill is looking for crabs

All we can find are sand crabs

This little guy says that he catches and releases them

This is the redest I have ever had my toenails.. What the...

On our way to the pier

It's a jungle out here

The Pier

Looking back at our picnic area

Can you spot our chairs?

The sun looks like diamonds on the water


Oh to be young again

Do you remember doing this?

Here we are again




Shrimp Boats are a comin'


Guess who's waiting?




I just love this sign.

Thru our rear window

Beautiful sunset



The end of a beautiful day

What a beautiful day... When we saw that the temperature was going to get into the 80's today and the sun was out in full force, the beach just called to us... I packed our picnic basket with potato salad, coca cola, and our last bottle of wine from the Biltmore Estates.. It is called Christmas Rose so I figured it was time to taste it....

We have driven past a house several times that has the cutest Christmas Geese in the yard but I never had my camera with me... Today I did and Bill drove around the block so that I could take a picture to share with you...I hope you enjoy it as much as I did... If anyone knows where I can find the same thing I sure would like to hear from you cuz I have never seen anything so cute....

The beach at Crystal River is close to 50 miles from us so on the way we needed to have another fix of Coffee... We saw a new Starbucks on Christmas that we hadn't been to but it was closed that day so today we decided to check it out... It is in a new development just on the other side of I-75 (West side).... It hasn't been open very long and the workers gave us a nice welcome... Because it was so new, it wasn't very busy so we were able to chat with them... Nice place......There are a lot of stores being built around it and looks to be a nice shopping center soon with Dillard's being one of the anchors...We'll enjoy checking it out when it is completed...

When we arrived at Crystal River we made a quick stop at Subway and added a foot long Italian Sandwich to our picnic basket.... We had them cut it in half for us to share and by the time we got to the beach we were ready to eat.... We had brought our chairs and picnic table with us and quickly set up in our favorite spot....The pictures will tell the "Rest of the Story"..

We made a stop on the way back at one of the Fish Shops.... What a neat experience.. The Shrimp boats were in and the pelicans were waiting for the leftovers... Cool... We bought a few pounds of my favorite..... Stone Crab... They come in fresh every day and I just put them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and melt some butter with a little bit of garlic in it, mix up a salad and have one of the best meals I could make... Yummy... What a nice stop...

We would have loved to stay for the sunset on the beach but that would mean driving on strange roads in the dark on the return trip so we came home... We did have a nice sunset from here so I got a few pictures of that to show you too... Not quite like on the ocean but again...... priorities..... Hope you enjoy our "Day at the Beach".....

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