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We made it thru the first week of camp. We got to go to morning cel and to evening services because we don't start delivering food until next Monday, The skit this year is great. The kids are doing great with the cleaning and the maintenance guys have been really busy. We only had 318 campers this week. They start out with a small group because the kids are still learning. Next week we will have 608 at the big camp and we will be delivery food up to Cedar Crest for 65.

I think they will have 12 staff to help.The staff at the big camp did get a night off last night and I think they are off today. Lots of cars filing out. They won't have another day off until the end of June and I think that will only be one day. It is hard to believe how hard these kids work. This past week has been really hard because after shack at night with is until 10:30 they have to go practice for the next morning celeabration. We would hear then come in around 12:30 or 1:00. Then they had to be back at the lunch room for a meeting at 7:30 the next morning. One girl has been one minute late so she has had a warning. One more time and she is gone. They are really hard on them but they have to be to keep a camp this big running.

The amazing part to me is seeing so many young people with the love for God in there heart. We only have one girl back from last year and 5 boys. I think most of the girls that came back from last year went to Jonathan Creek, which is another camp they run in western Ky.

Our next camp comes in on Monday. We are going to a horse show this afternoon because Donalds good friend Larry is showing a horse. Hoping for some fair food there.

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