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A few days ago, actually it was on April 4th while we were in Amarillo, Texas, I mentioned that while we were setting up for the evening, a guy drove up in a truck and said that he knew me. He remembered that I had given him a tour of Mark Twain Cave back in Hannibal.

Well, a similar thing happened last night. After the repairs on our RV were completed, it was too late for us to go anywhere, so we stayed put, parked behind Wheels RV facility.

They had told me that another couple were also staying in their RV for the night.

As Marilyn & I had just kicked off our shoes and started to relax, there was a knock on the door. It was Dave Webb, who along with his lovely bride, Linda, were the other couple locked in the facility for the night.

I thought Dave looked vaguely familiar as we chatted and then he said, I remember you. You gave me a tour of the Mark Twain Cave a year or so ago.

Wow! Talk about a small world!

Dave invited us over for a cold drink and more visiting.

We enjoyed our visit with these fine folks as we have many friends in common. Also Dave is the President of SOITC (Suite Owners International Travel Club).

They gave us some info on future rallies to be held in different parts of the country.

Later, back in our own RV for the night, we watched part of Dancing With The Stars while switching channels to keep an eye on the Basketball Championship Game. This time we rooted for Louisville, who ended up winning although it was an exciting game.

This morning we pulled out from Wheels RV at 10 minutes after 8:00, having no idea where we would spend the night.

The threat of severe weather all along our route made it a very uncertain trip.

We didn’t really care where we stayed, as long as we could get to Hannibal by Wednesday evening.

Can’t wait to hug those little ones.

Life is Good!

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