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Today I had another follow-up visit with my ophthalmologist. He had some good and some bad news for me. The good news – VERY good news – is that there is no longer any sign of the virus or of inflammation in my eye, for which I’m grateful!! He reduced my eye drop dosages to twice a day. I need to continue taking the antiviral drug twice a day as well. The discouraging news is that I probably will never be able to wear contact lenses again, not even the soft ones. He said that my left cornea would almost certainly become infected or inflamed again. Bummer! I haven’t worn glasses for over twenty-five years. I dread having to go back to them because the hard contacts had worked so well for me since the early ‘80s. My next appointment is January 6 and I’m still holding out for better news!

Our weather is getting wintry. Another, stronger cold front is on its way, bringing with it the possibility of freezing precipitation. After my doctor appointment, I stocked up on groceries and emptied my holding tank so I’d be ready for the inclement weather.

The rainy weather lately has interfered with WiFi coverage in the RV park. The guy who originally installed it didn’t properly insulate the cables from moisture. Park Manager Patty said that she has called the service company and requested a particular tech to re-do it because he is the one who will do it properly. However, he has been ill with the flu, so the job has to wait for his recovery.

Lately I’ve done quite a bit of reading. I’ve just finished Charles C. Mann’s book, “1491 – New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus”. It has whetted my appetite to visit some of the important archeological sites in this hemisphere.

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