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Today I had a follow-up visit with my ophthalmologist regarding the inflammation in my left eye. He said that it was looking very good but that he wants me to continue using the prednolosone drops for another month. Then he will do the regular, full eye exam at my next visit. I probably will need a new prescription this year.

This afternoon I spoke with Dr. Geck’s nurse. Jacqueline, about the pre-surgery plans. I will need to have leg-strengthening therapy because, after back surgery, I won’t be able to bend over. I’ll have to be able to stand straight up just using my legs. I’ll be having my exercises at the Seton Spine and Rehab Center in the Brodie Oaks Shopping Center on South Lamar. That’s very convenient for me. Jacqueline said that it is good that I’m already attending Silver Sneakers exercise classes three times per week. I also need to get pre-op medical clearance from pulmonary and heart specialists.

The mountain cedar pollen count has been out of sight the last week or so. There are a lot of red noses and eyes around here now. My Allergena liquid meds (mold and trees/grasses/weeds formulas) are helping me better than anything that I’ve tried before. I take it twice a day year round and additional doses as needed, when pollen and mold counts are especially high.

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