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Ruth and the ruins

The tallest pyamid in the northern Yucatan

Looking down from the top

Kevin, at the top

Ruth by a banyon tree

Friday December 26…9:30pm

We left the Suytun Cenote at about 7:30am. S&G had left before us, as they wanted to get to the Coba ruins well before the crowds. We needed gasoline, and because we weren’t sure if there was a gas station along the way, we had to backtrack into the outskirts of Valladolid to the Pemex station. It turned out that station was sold out of regular gas, and only had hi-octane. It was about 20% more expensive, so I decided we should go to the other gas station, which was all the way on the other side of town. This whole backtracking experience added about 45 minutes to our trip to Coba.

Ruth and I had been to the Coba ruins almost 6 years ago. We remembered it as being very undiscovered, but that has changed. Now, the tour buses are lined up by 11am, and it is not nearly as nice as being able to wander through on your own. The parking area is enlarged, and there are more tourist trinket sellers. However, some of the lesser used trails are still good, and the highlight of our day was to come face to face with a wild fox on the trail. He was small, almost like a chihuahua, but he had a big bushy tail.

We relaxed for the afternoon, and have been told we are allowed to stay parked here overnight for the 50 pesos parking fee. It’s not the nicest, but tomorrow we will be in Cancun, and this is fairly close.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…429

December Fuel $418.00 CAN

December Grocery $222.70 CAN

December Overnight costs $118.20 CAN

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