Dave Steph Aussie Loop 2012 travel blog

Palm Cove beach

Ellis Beach swimming enclosure

Steph reversing the van back into the bay at The Boulders

The Boulders swimming area, we didn't swim here.

Pert of The Boulders Falls

Devile Pool, good place for a swim NOT !!

You can see why it's called The Boulders

Another shot of The Boulders

Monday 13th January

We left Wonga around 10am, after doing a load of washing and trying to pack the van up in the rain (getting sick of this rain !!)Headed off through Mossman and Cairns and had a look at a couple of free camps along the way.We stopped at Ellis Beach and noticed one of the Stinger enclosures so you can swim without being stung. Apparently they are in season and bad at the moment. We then stopped of at Palm Cove, this looks very much like a bit of a yuppy type town with cafe's along the water front. Smaller version of Mandurah. We then arrived at a little town called Babinda which is renowned for its sugar cane industry. There is also a couple of free camps and water holes with water falls in close vicinity. We decided that we would Free Camp near a place called the BOULDERS. Steph wanted to try and practice reversing the caravan into a bay (she is good at directing me BUT !!) She did get it into place eventually. Glad we did stop here as after we set up we went for a walk to have a look at the swimming hole. Then we walked along a track to see the falls, came to a couple of lookouts and took many photos, this area is very spectacular and because of the rain that has been falling the rivers and creeks are flowing really well (one good thing that has come out of all this rain)One of the water holes is called Devils Pool, this is where a few people have tried to swim, but apparently they can get sucked into a cave and come out down river, very much dead. Probably not the place to swim, especially when the water is running so fast because of the rain. A great place to see when the water is flowing like it was the day we were there.

The free camp has only 10 bays and we were the first to pull up there, but after we came back from our walk there was another vehicle had arrived and by the time we were going to bed there was 4 vehicles stopped there. The facilities are basic, cold showers, but they were clean and FREE.

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