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We took one mother of a long bus ride today. From Katherine to Alice is a 15.5hr bus ride. This stretch was our first REAL taste of outback travelling. There really is a whole lot of nothing out here. The 'towns' you see on the map really are nothing more than homesteads, a single roadhouse (gas station with small restaurant attached), or a big cattle station. We stopped at a couple of these places for rest breaks along the way.

We got to Tennant Creek at about 8pm, changed busses, and the two of us got the entire bus to ourselves the rest of the way to Alice. Shortly after we made ourselves comfortable on the bus, the driver made a couple of swerves (pretty freeky when you're on a bus!), then muttered something in disgust after a muffled thump. We barely felt a thing with the huge 'roo bars (thick steel bars mounted on the front of vehicles). I guess we clipped something. Yikes!

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