Loved the beautiful bears all over town and the flowers too..






That perfect climate is not so perfect at 103 :-)

Notice the bear behind the tree on the right..


Loved the red ones too...

My favorite for today, will check out more next visit..

We loved this park, it was loaded with geese..

It is the perfect place for a picnic on a cooler day...

I have never seen so many geese...:-)

Lots of people feeding them..


Last one!

Grants Pass is known for its mild climate, it is located in the "sun belt" of Southern Oregon. Average annual maximum temperature is 68.0, annual minimum 40.9. Average annual precipitation is 29.5 inches. Snowfall is minimal - 2.3 inches per year and in many years is non-existent. It is known for its ideal climate and even has banners running across the street in town bragging about it. We were shocked to see the temps way up in the 90,s with a couple of days at 103. Yikes!

We have spent a lot of time inside with both air conditioners running all day. We did manage to drive through town and get a few pictures of the bears in town from their annual Bear Fest. Bear Fest is a celebration honoring the area's most prized inhabitants - the black bear. The larger-than-life bears start out as plain fiberglass figures. They are then magically transformed by local artists into colorful, embellished creatures that are publicly displayed on the downtown streets for all to see, touch, and enjoy throughout the summer months.

Besides its obvious entertainment value, Bear Fest was organized to raise funds and support for nonprofit organizations in Grants Pass. There are sixty-two of the wildest bears you are likely to encounter. Each of the designed bears include an adorable "bear cub" as a companion. We have a lot more to locate while in town. My favorite one is the one on the float. This area is a popular floating area as well as jet boating down the Rogue River.

We also stopped at a cool park in town and watched the birds. I have never seen so many geese in one spot with a lot of pigeons and ducks too. It was a perfect place for a picnic when the weather cools a bit. I hope you enjoy all the bears, check back later for more from Grants Pass.

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