Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

now, you don't see many signs like this in Boston

our boat-a maine cat 30

the boat yard was decidedly ya'll

the captain on top of the mast, checking the navigation lights

view from my bed

canals in the marshland

heading out

good bye Georgia

I took this trip without Michelle. The point was to sail a 30 foot catamaran up from Southern Georgia to Connecticut. Captain Ralph needed help because he had no crew and I was hoping that this would answer two of my questions, one about sailing cruising catamarans, the other about being out on a sailboat for extended period of time away from shore.

I met the Captain in Orlando and we drove up to Brunswick. We made a wrong turn (or I guess rather the directions weren't right) and only turned around when it was clear that we are a long ways off from water. Meanwhile we saw some good backwater GA, though. Found the boat at a small also backwater boat yard, complete with giant confederate flag. We spent a day checking the boat, buying provisions and trying to find 5 gallon fuel containers. The later effort was futile since on account of the hurricanes everyone there was afraid of further gas price jumps and bought the tanks up faster than Walmart could supply them. The captain refuses to buy his own stuff at walmart, but when spending his client's money he makes an exception.

The captain is an interesting figure. For the longest time he was not paying taxes, whatever that would have been he donates to cherities. He calls himself a 'consciencious objector' to government taxes. Also he and his wife raised the 4 kids on a small trimaran, so they grew up without much of the posessions and private rooms that many kids are demanding. They all turned out to be well balanced good people, though. I think they even pay taxes :).

Anyway, we headed out to the ocean. Turns out that delivery captains are always on a schedule. This fitted me all righ because I did not want to stay away from Michelle or from starting to work at Children's too long, but sadly it also ment that unless there was super perfect wind, the engines were running. Or at least one engine besides the sails. In one week we had exactly 2 1/2 hours when we had no engine on :(. Luckily of these 2 hours were on my midnight to 4AM watch out 30 miles off the coast in the Atlantic.

It was nice to be out on the ocean after all the river sailing that I have done in Boston. I saw two turtles coming up for air, two dolphins in the chanels before getting out to sea and a pod of dolphins in front of the bow at dusk out at sea.

Two days into the trip we started to run low of gas and had to go to port at Cape Fear, NC for more. Listening to weather forecast turned out that as oppose to our hopes and expectations there was no southernly winds, but strong north east all the way. The captain said that we have to scretch the hope of getting out into the Gulf stream and steam up inside the Intracostal waterway. I was not happy. Motor, not sail, canal, no open ocean. Darn.

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