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His view from the back porch

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This is the unfinished portrait that FDR was posing for when he...

This was his final speech that he never delivered

Can you see why he was one of the greatest.... This just...

The finished portrait from memory... Only the tie was wrong

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The upper right is fried green tomatoes.... Left of it is fried...

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This is where you ran your suit through the wringer

I couldn't resist again

This is Susie and her husband Gene of 53 years

Today started out very misty and gloomy so we decided to just go into the town of Pine Mountain and check it out.....They had a lot of cute little shops that we checked out, but not until finding a coffee house to start out our day... This was another Purple Cow Restaurant but not to be confused with the Purple Cow that we loved so much in Custer, SD.... The coffee was just so-so but we heard that the sandwiches were to die for.... The building itself was worth going inside... We walked through more of the town and saw the Post Office, City Hall and the Memorial Gardens, where we found a tribute to a gal from here that died at the Pentagon Attack on 9-11....

From the City of Pine Mountain we went over the Pine Mountains and the F.D.R. State Park to the town of Warm Springs, GA where the President Roosevelt had built a house so that he could swim in the warm spring water while trying to overcome his polio.... It is quite a story and we got a real eye opener.

Our first stop was at the actual Little Whitehouse where there is a fantastic museum of one of the greatest presidents of all times... We both have very little recollection of this man except our memories of the war and the way our parents reacted to his death.... Both of us were born after the depression and the war ended when we were just young children but some things are just there in the back of your memory bank and I sure remember my family in tears when he died.... I can't help but remember how I felt with the death of J.F.K. so I can relate to what they must have been feeling. I tried to take pictures of so many of the achievements of this hero so you don't have to read the story twice.

After watching a wonderful film that in 12 minutes recapped the life of F.D.R., we went through a very nice museum before we actually went on the grounds of his house... It was outstanding. They have a pathway of flags from all 50 states that have been donated from the State itself......I don't want to sound biased but I think Minnesota had the best of them all..... I think you might agree.

We took a break after the house tour to get a bite to eat, so we went right into the Historic town of Warm Springs and asked for a good place to eat.... We were told that quite a walk away, and up the hill was the Bulloch House and it was a super historic place.... Well we went into our hiking mode and made our way around the corner and up the hill to a huge mansion turned restaurant..... We couldn't go in the front door so we traipsed across the back yard to the rear entrance and went in for lunch...... We really didn't want a big lunch but, when we saw that the buffet included Southern Fried Chicken, fried apples and fried green tomatoes we knew that we just had to try it.... Wow, I never knew what I was missing.... I also have to tell you that we almost didn't have the mashed potatoes and gravy cuz they had lumps in them and they were sorta runny but oh boy, are we glad that we did..... Yummy... Bill even went back for a second helping.....

In case I didn't tell you, Bulloch is the person that founded the town that beared his name but what was later changed to Warm Springs because of the warm springs under ground...... The springs were about 83 degrees and to be called hot springs they have to be warmer then 98.6 degrees, thus the name warm springs.

The restaurant had several rooms that were decorated in a very Victorian Era and I had a ball going into each one of them and clicking my camera.... Nobody minded at all.... We did go away with some of the dressings that they were famous for including my favorite, Vidalia Onion & Peppercorn Salad Dressing.... That was what I put on my salad along with walnuts and raisons. . . More yum.... Indulge me with my picture taking O.K?

After eating all that food we had to walk it off so we went into a bunch more shops that were so much fun... Each shop owner stopped to talk to us and ask where we were from and all those good things that make you feel special that you never get at the big stores..... It really makes you want to buy from them..... One of the owners today asked me where we were from and when I told him that we were full-timers in our RV his response was "Oh wow, everybody's dream."..... I told him that I couldn't help but agree.

Next we continued our tour of the F.D.R. National Historic District that happened to be the Warm Springs.... We toured the Spas that our President swam in several times a year to help his muscles from the polio.... We couldn't get the image of him out of our minds from the movie we had just watched, with him swimming with so many of the youngsters that were fighting the dreaded "Polio"..... Can you imanagine any president today in the same pool as a bunch of children playing water polo?

Not all of his children had polio though as we found out first hand today.....

We feel so blessed by being there at just the right time and the couple that told us where to go and what to see in the spa area were there giving us directions..... When we came out of the pools we had a bunch of questions so I stopped to ask them.... Bill followed a bit later and helped me get through the accent to one of the most interesting conversations we have ever had........ Here we met a Woman that at the age of three had horrible Club Feet.... FDR heard about her and brought her and her Mother here from Atlanta ... Their were invited for Thanksgiving Dinner and in the films that we had seen earlier we saw a young child at the table..... Her story as she talked to Bill and I today was something special and I will tell you why......Two weeks ago this sweet lady lost all of her hearing..... Now I can relate to that because I have to wear hearing aids and I have one of them that has gone ku-put on me so I am relying on my eyes and Bill to make sure that I hear what I need to...... This gal has had her husband of 53 years come to work with her the last 2 weeks so she could continue working....... She claims that 76 years of age is too young to quit.

She didn't want to come to the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Little Whitehouse but her mom told her what an honor it was to be invited by the President of the U.S so she went...(remember,she was three years old) When he asked her what her name was she answered Susanna. His response was "I love that name but would it be O.K if I called you Susie? She said Yes and can I call you Rosie? She became good friends with him and always called him Rosie. She went on to show us all the treatment he provided for her to overcome an awful case of club feet..... She still goes to the warm springs at the University today for therapy........ Susie, you are the greatest.

We came home feeling that we were so blessed that the weather kept us from doing something else and that we got an incite to why our parents felt that this man was one of the greatest of all time...... Mom and Dad, you always did know best.........

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