Exploring with Daisy 2014 travel blog

Val White, Annette Dean and Ann Poole

Betty Wendler

Larry Jaynes, Sue Kendrick, Jeanette Lowell and Ron Cappon

Mary Ellen Ogrodowski, Jeanette Lowell, Annette Dean and Sue Kendrick

Mikail Davenport and Stuart Whiteside

Val White, Annette Dean and Hal Holder

Bruce Woodall, Annette Dean and Betty Wendler


This morning I stopped at Discount Tires to have my tire pressure checked. They all were down only about five pounds since I last checked them. I like running them with 80 psi. A little incident there was annoying but not really serious, but it wasn’t the best start to my day. A trailer loaded with pipes and large boards was parked in front of the air pressure station, so the employee asked me to park parallel to the trailer; his hose was long enough that he would be able to air my tires. Just as I was about to leave, a woman pulling a horse trailer pulled in front of me and parked so close that I couldn’t just make my turn to leave. I had to back up a little so as to make enough room for me to turn. To my chagrin, I hit a jack and caused the trailer with the pipes to fall off the jack. Aarrgghh!!! This is not the kind of adventure I want to have with Miss Daisy. Fortunately, the only damage that was done was to my motorhome – just a broken lens over a little side light. I was very relieved that the man’s trailer wasn’t damaged.

It was nearly noon by the time I left the tire store. By then I was getting hungry so I decided to stop at a nice picnic area near Smithville to eat a snack. I saw another motorhome in the area, which turned out to be Val’s. We had our snacks in her rig before continuing on to La Grange.

The attendance is great this time with 19 rigs – quite a few more than we usually have in January. The beautiful weather no doubt encouraged more people to attend. We have three visitors: Ron Cappon from the McAllen, Hal Holder from Bryan and Mary Ellen Ogrodowski from St. Louis, who is on her way to the Valley (Pharr) for a few weeks. All three are already members of Loners on Wheels and Hal joined our chapter.


Tonight we had dinner at Sealand Seafood. I enjoyed my dinner of blackened broiled catfish, mixed vegetables and dirty rice. The veggies were cooked just right.


Today Ann Poole, Jeanette Lowell, Sue Kendrick, Annette Dean and I had lunch at Prause Meat Market. It is across the street from the county courthouse. The servings of barbecue and sides were very generous. I brought home enough for another meal.

This afternoon Carolyn Nottleson stopped by for a brief visit. She was on her way down to Columbus to spend a few days. Annette, Ann and Linda plan to meet her there tomorrow.

After dinner tonight Mikail Davenport presented a video, "The Final Inch" (a polio eradication documentary). Most of the filming was done in India and Pakistan where the most cases of polio are found. Mikail and a woman who had spent 70 years in an iron lung were the only two Americans featured in the documentary. It showed Mickail riding his hand-powered cycle across Texas to raise awareness of the need to continue working to eradicate polio. He informed us that the American woman died about a year after the film was completed. She had an amazingly positive attitude about life. There are only two countries where polio still exists.


Route: TX 71 E => Bus 71 E in La Grange => Main St. S => Cedar Street to park

Total Miles Driven: 68

Weather Conditions: Cool, sunny and dry

Road Conditions: Good

RV Park: Colorado Landing (www.coloradolanding.com)

Park Conditions: Large level pull-throughs, nice rec room, upper and lower nature trails alongside the Colorado River, friendly owners

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