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We are made our way down to Katherine Gorge today by Greyhound. It was pretty comfortable and the bus was pretty empty. We arrived 'round about noon, met the shuttle to the YHA hostel (which turned out to be just down the street! but hey, why turn down a free ride???), and were wisked away for an afternoon down the gorge on a canoe.

It was an incredibly relaxing afternoon, lazily (especially for Lammie) paddling down the crystal clear waters, with the walls of the gorge towering over us on either side. Couldn't think of a better way to spend the afternoon!!!

We saw a crocodile (freshwater one, so no worries!) and plenty of birds. As the water level was pretty low, we had to make a couple of portages. We also managed to swap our canoe with a 2 person kayak that was heading the opposite way at one of the portage points. The boats are all from the same rental company, so this saved us all from having to carrying our boats over the rocks!!!

Of course, we had to cool down with a plunge into the water. We cannonballed off the rocks, hooted and hollered and made all the super lazy tourists (on the powered tour boats) jealous as it was pretty hot out.

We rounded off the evening with Kangaroo steaks on the Bar-B! The owner of the hostel was eager to show Nigel how to cook it properly (medium, else it tastes like shoe leather). Kangaroo is an extremely lean meat, and very tasty when marinated well. It was VERY yummy!!!

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